How do you know if your cluster is healthy?

When running applications in Kubernetes observability is key. With K8ssandra and cass-operator, each Apache Cassandra pod is configured with the DataStax Metrics Collector for Apache Cassandra. This exposes Cassandra node-level metrics in the Prometheus format covering everything from operations per second and latency to compaction throughput and heap usage.

Grafana Overview

K8ssandra goes a step further providing a deployment of Prometheus and Grafana for the storage and visualization of these metrics including:

  • Prometheus ServiceMonitor resource with Metric Relabeling directed at the K8ssandra cluster’s Service
  • Grafana DataSource resource configured to reference the deployed Prometheus instance
  • Grafana Dashboard resources

Grafana Cluster

Metric Data Retention

Metric data collected in the cluster is retained within Prometheus for 24 hours.


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