Restore Helm Chart

Handles the scheduling an execution of an ad-hoc restore.

Version: 0.27.0 Type: application


Name Email Url
K8ssandra Team [email protected]

Source Code


Key Type Default Description
name string "restore" Name of the CassandraRestore custom resource string "backup" Name of the CassandraBackup custom resource to be restored from string "dc1" Name of the CassandraDatacenter where the CassandraBackup will be restored
inPlace bool true In-place restore will restore the backup to the source cluster. Note that this will trigger a rolling restart of the cluster.
shutdown bool false When true will shutdown the entire Cassandra cluster. The underlying StatefulSets are scaled down to zero. Persistent volumes remain intact. If the backup includes schema changes like dropping a table, then set this to true; otherwise, the changes will be lost via gossip from nodes that have not yet been restored.