Welcome to the refreshed K8ssandra site. Here we combined our love of Apache Cassandra™ and Kubernetes™ to create this experience for everyone to be inclusive, entertaining, motivating and valuable. The K8ssandra team recognizes the value in each and every member of the community. So from the bottom of our hearts … THANK YOU! 

People frequently ask: “Why are you so focused on the community aspect of this project?” Our response is simple: without community there is no project. A community is a group of people sharing a common location, characteristics, or a shared belief system. While this is true for the world at large, I believe there is more to what defines a community: a sense of belonging, being a part of something bigger than yourself, and having that feeling of fellowship with others who share common interests, goals and attitudes. 

Our goal will always be to give the community value and to acknowledge your contributions, ideas and feedback. Without you there is no community, and without a community there is no forward progress with K8ssandra. 

Updated K8ssandra.io Site Features

The refreshed site has many new features to enhance the experience for every visitor, whether you are a fan of Apache Cassandra™ or Kubernetes™ or both. It is a space for us to have conversations, obtain skills, and celebrate contributions with gratitude. Let’s talk about some of the available features and how you can leverage them to your advantage. 

  • Community Forum
    • This is a central forum where you can ask any and all questions, speak to fellow community members, learn new skills, share new code, and more. 
  • Live Chat
    • This Discord server is used for live interactions between members of the community.
  • Blogs
    • A great source for information, features, opinions and examples of how K8ssandra is used in the field. 
  • Tutorials 
    • Obtain skills and knowledge to be successful using K8ssandra.
  • Code, Code and more Code 
    • A direct link to the K8ssandra GitHub page where we encourage you to pull, fork, improve and contribute to the code that makes K8ssandra.

K8ssandra for the people!

K8ssandra is an open source project created to help developers deploy Apache Cassandra™ on Kubernetes™ more easily, efficiently and effectively. This project was created for the people, it will be improved by the people, and it will forever be of the people. You make K8ssandra better with every code contribution, every workshop, every new project and every new pair of eyes who look at this and think: “YES! This is exactly what I need.” 

We’re happy you’re here, and hope this site will be useful to you both today and in the future. Look around, investigate, contribute, play, have fun, learn, get inspired, and build your skills.  Most importantly, know that you are here at the beginning of something very special and you are very much appreciated.

Séan Bogaard