In this article on the French language site Journal du Net, Xavier Biseul examines the state of databases on Kubernetes, including Cassandra (quote is translated):

Was the union between Cassandra and Kubernetes inevitable? Alongside MongoDB, Cassandra is one of the most popular databases on the market for storing and processing large volumes of data. For its part, Kubernetes (K8s) has become, in a few years, the essential software container orchestrator. To facilitate the deployment of Cassandra on Kubernetes, DataStax… offers an operator called K8ssandra.

The article includes key insights from Franck Dehay of French telecommunications provider Orange, including observations about Cassandra Kubernetes operators KassCop (Orange) and cass-operator (K8ssandra) as well as the future of the K8ssandra project and community:

Orange, now a contributor to K8ssandra, intends to play the role of “painful tester” in order to monitor current developments and ensure that the roadmap of the open source project, soon to be unveiled, properly integrates the changes desired by the user community. “K8ssandra must support high-production multi-clustering with proven data backup and restore functions”, says Franck Dehay.