This is a list of values that we use to guide our behavior in working on the K8ssandra project, which we ask that you respect these values and help us hold each other accountable to them.

Value time

  • We value our time and that of others.
  • We communicate frequently and anticipate the needs of others to avoid inefficiency.
  • We maintain perspective, acknowledging that everyone has a life outside of their coding work.

Beginner’s mind

  • We are experts with beginners’ minds.
  • We ask questions and encourage others to do the same. 
  • We question all assumptions.
  • We gather as much information as possible to avoid doing any harm.
  • We consider all reasonable solutions to a problem before selecting the appropriate one. 
  • We build our own understanding of the problem, rather than accept someone else’s.
  • We help others and accept help.


  • We are open by default.
  • We share our work, and our work process, with each other. 
  • We speak up when we think something could be improved. 
  • We share thoughts immediately and with honesty.
  • We share our knowledge early and frequently with each other. 


  • We choose positivity.
  • We assume the best in everyone.
  • We propose solutions, avoiding criticizing and complaining.
  • We are deliberate about giving genuine appreciation and supporting each other.
  • We focus on what is needed to complete a task, not what could prevent success.


  • We make plans.
  • We have organization systems for managing ourselves and our work.
  • We track our progress so that we know when we’ve gotten lost.
  • When describing any task think about Why? What? How? Who?
  • Why are we doing this? What do we want to do? How will we do it? Who will do it?
  • Not every situation requires all four points to be addressed. But every situation requires that you consider what points need to be included.